Let your imagination soar with a green screen

It all starts with a smile, and after putting on a bit of flare from our prop bin you won’t be able to hold back the laughter. Our VIE photographers are always excited to work the green screen because it always turns into a happening spot where the laughter is contagious. And who doesn’t like to laugh?

Virtual Reality

Protect the far flung corners of the galaxy from space pirates, defend your castle from roving marauders, and then a leisurely day trip to the edge of an active volcano. Sounds like the opening scene to a time travel action adventure blockbuster starring Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. Except you are the star! Experience the action first hand as you strap into our brand new Virtual Reality Experience. In VR the possibilities are limitless and with VIE, your next party will be out of this world.

Virtual Graffiti Wall

WOW this new Virtual Graffiti Wall is making an impact. After 20 years of trying to stay in the forefront of trends in COOL things to do at events, every now and then you stumble upon a really hip, happening, now, wow kind of product that makes your juices flow. Our new virtual graffiti wall is just that product. We brought this into Denver in March and it has been going out to events 2-3 times per month ever since.