Let your imagination soar with a green screen

Photos are a great way to make lasting memories at your next event. And our Green Screen is a truly unique way to remember the night. Our team of pros will design a custom background for your next event, or you can choose from one of our stellar samples. All you have to do is strike a pose against our backdrop and let our tech wizards do the rest.


VIE’s green screen photos give you the option to put your guests anywhere. Send us your company logo or team emblem and we will make sure each photo is branded with your graphic.
It all starts with a smile, and after putting on a bit of flare from our prop bin you won’t be able to hold back the laughter. Our VIE photographers are always excited to work the green screen because it always turns into a happening spot where the laughter is contagious. And who doesn’t like to laugh?

If you really want to take it to the next level, let us take you about 30,000 feet up in the air flying like Superman. We can make it happen. Maybe a Wild West theme is more your style? We can put you in the middle of the O.K. Corral at high noon. Your bold idea is our challenge, and we love a challenge.

    super hero

Not sure where to start? Choose from one of our themes. We have Comic book covers for your next costume party or be the center of attention on the front cover of Fortune Magazine. Feeling something a little more relaxed? Just take a stroll down Abbey Road for your next event. How about running from Godzilla as he destroys the city, or why let Godzilla have all the fun? Whatever the theme we can put your guests in the middle of the action. Just don’t let them leave empty handed. Each guest can go home with a unique 5x7 print worthy to hang on the fridge next to Fido.

abbey road 

From simple and elegant designs to blockbuster backgrounds VIE has your next event covered.

Want to see more samples? Check out our gallery!

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