Virtual Graffiti Wall

WOW this new Virtual Graffiti Wall is making an impact. After 20 years of trying to stay in the forefront of trends in COOL things to do at events, every now and then you stumble upon a really hip, happening, now, wow kind of product that makes your juices flow. Our new virtual graffiti wall is just that product. We brought this into Denver in March and it has been going out to events 2-3 times per month ever since. So the basic idea is that guests can become graffiti artists using infrared spray paint cans without the mess or smell of real paint. Then we beef up the whole concept with lots creative ideas coming from our internal graphic guru and our clients wanting to push the envelope.


Check out these applications and send us your ideas for other ways we could try to make this even cooler than it already is:

  1. Take your photo, see it on the screen, then add: words, wings, wigs, hats, glasses, and all the decoration you can think of to make your photo a work of art that guests create themselves.
  2. We have lots of stencils for the guests who are intimidated by freestyle. We can also create custom stencils just for your event and theme.
  3. Add logos, a banner with text, and other personalization to make your guests printed postcards something that they will remember. When the photo hangs on their desk or refrigerator they will get to see your logo and website every time they look at it.


  1. Take branding one step further by making your logo the only thing that guests can paint and decorate. So we make a “coloring book” type outline of your vodka bottle, tennis shoe, car, etc. and guests get to paint it up.
  2. Wait! Don’t stop there with the decorated logo/image concept… We could split the projected image so that the picture of the car (as an example) being decorated on the screen is also projected onto the actual car in the room. Wow, now guests at your event are interacting with that new BMW you are launching and painting virtual zebra stripes, tie dye, writing their names, etc. on the car of their dreams.



  1. How about we take a beautiful photo of the very special guest of honor (mitzvah child, birthday boy or girl, CEO, etc.) and then every guest gets to have their picture taken with the guest of honor and personalize it with “paint” because we have made the photo part of the picture.
  2. The possibilities are getting good… what about printing on T-shirts instead of postcards? It is coming!

Send us your suggestions and we will start working on making it happen!!!

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