Photo Party Station

This is not your average photo booth, this is a party station!

The Photo Party Station has infinite possibilities including animated gifs, green screen photo and video, light painting, slow mo video, morphing, and social media!

Animated Gifs

Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, logos, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and Print.

Green Screen Photo 

From Slow Motion Video to a your logo you can load a number of custom backgrounds and let your guest select their own environment! And with our Smart Placement Technology, every photo is picture perfect.

Light Painting

Using our Photo Party Station and our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real time. Our light painting artists help with fun ideas. The final product is branded and can be printed and uploaded instantly to social media. 

Slow Mo Video

Record 5 second video clips of your guests dancing, jumping, throwing confetti,and shooting off streamers then instantly transform them into ultra slow-motion videos, easily uploaded onsite to social media.


Transform your guests into another guest, celebrity image, or cartoon and instantly upload your animation to social media.